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Learn more about Miriam Fried in this brief, digital bio.
Miriam Fried is an internationally celebrated artist and inspirationalist.   Ms. Fried has studied with various teachers, including Helen van Wyck, Robert Natkin, and Stephen Lo Monaco.  Her work can be found in numerous galleries, permanent collections and public spaces around the world, including the Boston Stock Exchange, Bryant College, Hewlett Packard, Wellesley Design Consultants, U.S. State Department, Okreseni Vlastiveden Museum – Prague; L’Atelier Gallery, to name a few.

Ms. Fried’s work creates a visual excitement through the use of abstractions in color. Her work suggests nocturnal landscapes, seascapes, movement and form. She blends contrasting harmonies with bold, brilliantly colored abstractions on Mahogany wood panels to create a result that is deep and resonant.

Miriam resided in Provincetown, Massachusetts until her death on July 4, 2014.

J. Carter Hamilton, is a true Renaissance man.  Carter was the one of the founders and owners of The Franklin Gallery in Richmond VA in the ’80’s-90’s.  After leaving the gallery, he curated private showings and consultations. Carter is an accomplished musician and writer.

The Fried family determined early on, that Carter and White Lead Gallery would be the exclusive agent for Miriam’s works.